Free E-Book! A Brief Guide to the History of the Catholic Church


OK – here it is! I’m releasing my new e-book on the history of the Catholic Church. I wrote the text awhile ago, but only just recently decided to compile it into a booklet form. It isn’t all-inclusive, but provides a pretty good overview, and would be a good quick reference for religion teachers, parents teaching religion to their kids, or people just interested in learning more about the Catholic Church.


Click here to download A Brief Guide to the History of the Catholic Church.

I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to pass it on. If you share this file electronically, please link back to this source. Keep checking back for more resources! I’m planning on publishing something about the different rites in the Catholic Church (Eastern and Western) next!

2 thoughts on “Free E-Book! A Brief Guide to the History of the Catholic Church

  1. Thanks for providing this! I’ve studied church history many times but it’s always so long and complicated I lose track of everything. A SHORT history is just what I need. Looking forward to reading it!

    • Thanks, Sheila – I’m glad to do it! I also find “quick guides” handy, especially when subjects are complicated… Of course, that means it isn’t long enough to thoroughly tackle every controversial issue, but hopefully it’s a pretty good overview… I’d love to know what you think about it after reading it!

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