Fill Up My Cup…

If you know me in real life, you know that praise and worship music isn’t my thing – unless it’s to get a little entertainment by making fun of it. That “Fill up my cup…” song, though, has a point to it (and no – I still don’t like it).

Half the time, discussing whether the glass is half-full or half-empty is a moot point.  Often enough, by the end of a given day, week or month, there’s no question involved: I’m running on empty. Does that make me a pessimist? I hope not. I prefer to agree with the anonymous genius who said that the most important point isn’t how full your glass is, but that it’s refillable.

-People who wonder whether the glass is

So on those days when you’ve run ragged trying to hold yourself together, give your kids the love and care they need, be a good spouse and do everything else we’re expected to do for one reason or another, don’t get discouraged.  Just make a little time to refill your glass.

Running on empty- Don't worry. It's refillable...
Pray. I find that while I run out of energy, patience, kindness and so many other good things, God never does, and he’s never stingy in sharing. Prayer doesn’t work, though, when I do it just to say I did it. It only works when I’m really ready to take a little time out, go before the Lord, acknowledge that I feel impoverished, and let him refill my emptiness with a bit of himself.

Relax. I think parents often forget to take time to relax. We might even feel guilty taking time to relax when there are so many other things (ahem – mountains of laundry to fold, for example?) that haven’t been done yet. But taking a few minutes to relax is 1) completely reasonable  and 2) often gives us the energy we need to do the other things with a better outlook. Go for a walk or a run. Play the piano. Watch the sunset. Do whatever gives you the space you need to step back for a minute, breathe, think clearly and refocus on the beauty in life.

Talk to someone you trust. Sometimes someone else can give you a different perspective on your reality. Or maybe not, but they can at least lend an understanding ear and sometimes voicing our thoughts or feelings is all we need to move on more energized.

Married? Set aside time to be with your spouse. Do something you both enjoy, or just take some time for a heart-to-heart conversation. There’s a reason we say our spouse is our “better half”. Sometimes it’s our other half that can refill our hearts. Other days it’s our turn to lift them up. Here’s to hoping you don’t both have bad days on the same day too often! Even then, it’s still sometimes easier to support each other than try to make it through on your own.

Read Scripture. It’s a little like prayer, but gives you something immediate to focus on. Some of those messages are great, and it’s one of the only books you can read over and over again and always come out with something new to ponder. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Play with Your Kids. Sure, we do this a lot, but sometimes it just becomes one more thing on the list that we “have” to do. Make it something special, and try to let go of everything else for a little while. Enter into childhood again, with a spirit of wonder, imagination and playfulness. No one will see you. And if they do? They’ll probably be inspired and might even go have some lighthearted fun themselves. Passing on happiness is never a bad thing.

So… let’s end with a toast – from my full glass to yours!


2 thoughts on “Fill Up My Cup…

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! Good Advice! Also, what has helped me even when other things have failed me are the Sacraments. Going for Adoration and just sitting there with Jesus is so peaceful and at times I leave and feel like he truly renewed my spirit from the inside out! And even though mass can be a circus at home getting ready I always feel better once I’m there and always find such comfort and renewal in the Consecration of the Eucharist. Similarly, I’ve often been surprised when I go to Confession how even smaller sins would build up and just eat away at the flow of grace in ways I didn’t even realize until I wasn’t carrying them around anymore!

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