Exploiting Your Faith

Romancing your faith is easy. There is a reason for this. It has everything to do with your past actions in this physical world, and the natural laws of this place return in a way that you will be able to understand.

This also has a huge effect on your future and the goals you will set for your future.

If you are unable to be profitable now, or don’t even know what is truly possible in your life, or are disheartened with your life and the things going on in your life, even merely from reading these most simple articles, then it really is a letdown.

You don’t have to be frustrated or grumpy about things. The law of the universe will work with you and your heart in a most glorious way if you are willing to put into motion some changes to bring your existence into the exact prettiness that your soul operates in now.

Your heart is designed to give power. Give it to yourself, and you will be able to do, accomplish, and have more in all the areas of your life.

Even the few areas that you do not presently recognize or have not thought about are attainable in your life.

Life also brings those things that you may or may not enjoy in your present plan.

They are not to be taken for granted or never as fun as you might imagine them to be. Your present existence changes give you the chance to enjoy something for the first time in your life and realize how much more joy can be found by knocking out the useless walls in your current existence.

There is a huge benefit from fantasizing about something that you both love and do.

Fantasizing is a natural survival mechanism for us, humans, so why not turn this into something useful and use this thing that you both love for the rest of your lives?

Accept What Is – Let Go Of What Was – And Have Faith In What Will Be

Because life in a fantasy world is a cursed life, it is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the veil that keeps you one hundred percent human and yet one hundred percent fulfilled.

Bad thoughts compete with each other for the blood of humans, they feed off of humans to survive and they target humans during the night to feed.

The phenomenon is universal; the only universal thing is that there are no other words by which we can separate ourselves from the universal Presence of God; so we have become all things to all men, but out of love for our brothers, or for these words, because they are the words that we know.

Since we are all wired to desire, which is the hardest thing that we humans face, we have lost the ability to separate what is right from something wrong just by Actions, Words, or mere thoughts.

This discrimination has lead humanity to the lowest level of its existence, which is why all humanity is suffering at this moment.

Because all actions are being commanded by selfishness and self-interest and a few get away with it, others pay for it and get furious at their invisible messenger.

How Does a Pilgrimage Strengthen Someone’s Faith?

So, my fellow human travelers on this pilgrimage toward the light – shed light on your inner path.

The decent person that you are treating your fellow human or fellow traveler – To act is not easy; it is difficult and sometimes not very pleasant.

It requires a lot of energy and a lot of patience. It seems that the Universe demands a huge amount of energy to make more, coupled with the fact that humans rarely do actions adequately. Very few actually succeed in the attempt to do so.

Also, nature’s spirits don’t ask humans to pay too much attention to what they wish to manifest.

So, judgments of bad or good are only that which you yourself labels as good or bad.

Bad is bad, and good is good. And this is just saying that because humans are wired to do one thing and usually another.