Enjoyable Evenings

Once or twice a week, after we’ve finished our work for the day, put the baby to bed, and done the house chores, my husband and I make dinner and then snuggle on the couch to watch a movie. I always enjoyed watching films, but became even more of a movie connoisseur after marrying Eddy, a cinematographer by profession. He watches the movie as a work of art, to admire and critique it. He sees everything – the lighting, the staging, the framing, the acting… Little by little, he has taught me the signs of well-made movies and poor, commercial ones. Although I still have a long way to go before becoming a master critic, I greatly enjoy sitting beside him, enjoying the story, and trying to notice the details that raise or lower it on the scale of movie greatness. All the while eating popcorn, of course, made freshly on our stove…

Movie time has another value for me as well: it is the only time I have to crochet. When I was seven, I had the splendid idea of making handmade gifts for everyone in my family for Christmas. Come December 25, I had a set of crooked, hand sewn hankies for my father, a hand crafted and painted, multiple compartment, cardboard jewelry box for my mother that was a little too fragile to hold anything, and a hand done disk holder for my brother that ripped at the seams every time he tried to slide a disk into it. Even though they all thanked me dearly and loved their gifts, I got a little discouraged at the outcome, and set the idea aside for a while, although I never forgot about it and continued to try homemade crafts from time to time.

Overtime, I watched, learned, and came up with my own ideas. Then, a couple of years ago, I again decided to try homemade gifts, this time with more success. As movie producers spin their yarns on the screen, I spin yarn in my lap, making scarves and hats, baby blankets and home decorations. There’s nothing better than relaxing with the one you love, making things for the ones you love, and being entertained at the same time!

4 thoughts on “Enjoyable Evenings

  1. Dear Ellen,
    I love reading all your post, “Riding the Waves” is beautiful , and I hope to read The Help, another friend recomended it as well. I also think your home made gifts are lovely. God bless you, your family and your work.
    BL Hickerson

    • Thanks, Mrs. Hickerson! We’re very much enjoying our experiences over here, and the beautiful experience of being a new family! Love and greetings to all of you!

  2. Hi Ellen,
    Just finished reading your blog Enjoyable evenings,you really have been blessed with a lovely family life.Also read Riding The Waves.Not sure if this will post as I changed my e-mail address but F/B should be okay.Mrs Hickerson and I were discussing your new blog page after Mass yesterday.
    Have a blessed week.

    • Thanks, Mrs. Ezolt! We have been very blessed, and are grateful for it… I’m enjoying writing in my spare time, and like having the blog as a way to keep family and friends updated, and share some of our experiences in this distant land!

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