Easter Fun and Festivities!

After a Lent of waiting, preparing, praying and sacrificing, the Mady family Easter season is off to a joyful start!

My mother kindly offered to stay at our place with the sleeping kids so Eddy and I could go to the Easter vigil Mass.  We decided to go to the English Mass – there is only a small English-speaking community here, so the vigil was held in a chapel at the seminary – all of the parishes had Mass at the same time in either Sureth (Aramaic) or Arabic.

Easter Vigil

We went to the park as our Easter activity, and had a great time with a picnic lunch, egg hunt for the kids, kite flying, and time on the playground. It’s the perfect time of year for picnics here – warm, but breezy. We all loved the fresh air and change of scenery, but the best part of the day, for me at least, was seeing the smile on our little ones’ faces as they found their eggs, went down the slide, put their hands in the fountain, got the kite in the air, watched our friend play the flute, or just tore up paper towels (that would have been Paul, our youngest!). They enjoyed every minute of it and arrived home for a piece of Easter cake! Charbel then had an added treat – he went to my parents’ house to play in the kiddie pool for a little while. Paul stayed home for some extra cuddles with mommy and daddy, and a much-needed bath! We took too many pictures to share them all, but here are some of my favorites!

Family pics from around the park:


Egg Hunt!


Fun on the playground!


Kite flying!


And, because I can’t get enough of their cute faces…


Happy Easter to everyone! Keep celebrating for all 50 days of the season!

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