Dreams, Occultism and Magick

What Are Some Types of Initiation Dreams?

The most common type of initiation dream is the one in which you are initiated into a secret society or cult. This can be an actual experience, as when someone takes you to meet with their group’s leader; it could also be something that happens on television. In either case, this initiatory event usually involves some kind of ritualistic ceremony, often involving nudity. You may find yourself being given new clothes, jewelry, or other items. Sometimes these ceremonies involve sexual activity. If your dreams include any of these elements, then they probably represent your own personal initiation experiences.

Another form of initiation dream occurs when you have been invited by another person to join them in a special relationship. For example, if you see a man who looks like Jesus Christ inviting you to follow him, he might mean that you should become his disciple. Or perhaps you will receive a message from God telling you to go out and preach about Him. These types of dreams indicate that you need to make changes in your life so that you can better serve others. They also suggest that you must learn how to communicate more effectively with people.

 Initiations and Initiators

There are two different ways to look at initiation dreams. One way is to think of them as symbolic representations of real events in our lives. We all undergo various forms of initiation throughout our lifetime. When we reach puberty, we begin to develop physically and mentally. At first, we are unaware of this process because it seems very gradual. 

Why Do We Have Initiatory Dreams?

We do not know why we sometimes have initiation dreams. It has been suggested that such dreams occur during times of stress. Perhaps they help us deal with problems that arise in our daily lives. But there is no evidence for this theory. The fact remains that many people report having initiation dreams. So what does this tell us?

It tells us that initiation dreams are important parts of human nature. Our minds seem to enjoy exploring ideas related to initiation. Maybe the great IIh is pulling at our subconscious mind, trying to get our attention!

It tells us that we cannot ignore our dreams. There is much wisdom hidden within them.

It tells us that our dreams reflect our innermost thoughts and feelings. Therefore, we should pay close attention to our dreams. By doing so, we can gain insight into ourselves, sexual, mental, and outer bodily health.

How Can I Interpret My Own Dream About Being Initiated Into A Secret Society?

If you had an initiation dream, try to remember everything that happened. Write down every detail. Then ask yourself: What did my dream really mean? Was it just a random occurrence, or was it meant to convey a deeper meaning? Did anything unusual happen before or after the dream occurred? Were there any symbols involved? How would you interpret similar dreams that you have experienced previously?

It tells us to keep dreaming. Dreaming helps us explore our unconscious mind. And it gives us opportunities to grow spiritually.

Why geniuses delved into the occult?

Many famous artists, writers, musicians, scientists, inventors, philosophers, politicians, etc., were fascinated with the occult. Some even went beyond mere interest and became devotees of the occult. Why do you suppose they chose to delve into the mysteries of the universe? Here are some possible reasons:

They wanted to understand themselves better. Many people believe that understanding oneself leads to self-knowledge. Self-knowledge allows individuals to control their emotions and impulses. The thought that pure reason could lead one to truth seemed appealing to these men and women.

They sought answers to questions that science couldn’t answer. Science deals only with physical phenomena. However, the world around us contains both material objects and spiritual forces. Scientists often fail to recognize the existence of spirit. This makes them feel inadequate. To overcome this feeling, they turn to other sources of knowledge.

Some people felt that scientific explanations were too limited. And to be true – they are. Much lay beyond the realm of science. These people believed that by studying the occult, they might find more complete explanations. They hoped to discover truths about life that go far beyond those offered by modern science.

What Is an Initiatory Theme in the Sense of Dreams? 

An initiatory theme refers to something that occurs when someone undergoes initiation. In most cases, the person undergoing initiation will experience certain changes as he/she progresses through various stages of development. For example, if a boy becomes a man, his body may change physically. But not only does his body change; his personality also transforms. He gains new abilities and experiences with different kinds of relationships. His thinking patterns become clearer and more logical. He begins to see things differently than he used to. All of these changes represent the process of becoming mature. If a woman has her first child, she goes through many emotional changes. She feels happy for herself but sad because she knows that soon she won’t be able to enjoy motherhood anymore. Her relationship with her husband changes.

But not forget about your own personal growth! You can use your dreams to help you achieve greater levels of maturity. As you progress on your path towards enlightenment, you’ll begin to notice how your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs all reflect your level of consciousness. Your dreams will show you what is happening inside of you at each stage of maturation. So pay attention to your dreams. Watch out for themes related to initiation. When you encounter such a theme, take note of its significance.