Craft Time!

I think most people, if not everyone, have a wish list – that endless list of everything we would love to do, if only there was time… Unfortunately, one life just isn’t long enough to fit everything in. If reincarnation actually happened, it would be different. With a couple of extra lives on my hands, I would come back once to be an athlete in my youth, and run a bake shop when I get too old for competitive sports. Another time I would live in some beautiful spot in the country, surrounded by nature, and spend all my time lost in reflections and writing. I would take another life to just travel around the world, seeing and enjoying all the places I haven’t been to yet. And, during one of those lives or in a different one, I would open a shop of homemade things – probably an online shop, given the digital age we live in. That way, I could serve a broader population, and wouldn’t have a surplus of unwanted items, but could custom make products to meet the needs of customers.

Since all these lives are imaginary and will never come my way, I will never have time to do everything I want. I’ve realized, however, that if I’m crafty with the time I have and look for opportunities, I can not only live the life I actually have, as a happy wife and mother, in the field of education, but can also fit in more of everything else than I expect.

For a little while before Paul arrived, I found myself with more quiet time than usual. I had already stopped going to school, and was too exhausted for a lot of baking or more active activities, so I turned my attention to experimenting with crafts and homemade things. I say “experimenting,” because I usually don’t follow a set pattern or instructions, but get an idea in my head, and then try to figure out the best way to make it. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the technique, stitches, etc. that I like best for the different crafts. Given that I don’t have a shop, family and friends – for better or worse – are gifted with what I come up with!

During the weeks before Paul’s birth, I had fun coming up with and making the following:

An embroidered teddy bear hanging to go on the boys’ bedroom wall.

A set of baby booties, hat and bag for a neighbor about to give birth.


   And, a pair of slippers and cell phone holder for my mother.

Now that little Paul is with us, I’ve had very little downtime whatsoever, but am looking forward to finding more time here and there, for different homemade things as our schedule gradually regulates itself again!

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