Chocolate Creations

When my sister-in-law first told me that the Nativity Scene in the middle of the Beirut City Mall was made of chocolate, I imagined dark brown, drab, and somewhat featureless hunks of chocolate, molded into figurines loosely resembling Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and perhaps some of the other characters and animals present at the manger scene. I was therefore pleasantly surprised, and impressed, when I saw a complete, detailed and colorful Nativity Scene in the Middle of the Mall. The chocolatier sponsoring the work of art had used various shapes of individual chocolates, clothed in a variety of colorful wrappers, to form the entire manger, as well as pathway, all figurines, and even accessories like pottery and lanterns, resulting in a feast for the eye and palate! The project, designed by a team of local architects, took over 120,000 pieces of chocolate and covered an area of around 70 square meters. When the structure is taken down after the Christmas season, the chocolates will be donated to charities.

Kudos to the creative minds behind the project, and to the hands that carried it out so successfully!


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  1. Beautiful.Blessings,good health and Peace in this New Year 2012.May you have a safe and healthy delivery of your new baby boy,soon to arrive.

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