Catholicism Series – Fr. Robert Barron

Taking Jesus for granted can be pretty easy. As Christians, we talk about him, pray to him, worship him. We know that he saves us and that we can meet him in Scripture, the Sacraments and the Church. We know the miracles he works. We believe he rose from the dead… And we’ve heard or said all these things so often, that they just seem normal. The extraordinary can seem a little too ordinary.

Watching Word on Fire’s Catholicism DVD series with my husband today was very refreshing. Fr. Barron took passages and information that most Catholics have heard before, but explained them in a new light, reminding us of how extraordinary, and thought provoking Jesus really was. He really challenged man’s way of thinking with God’s way of thinking… While listening to Fr. Barron talk about the identity of Jesus, I realized that in hearing the story so often, I sometimes forget its message. For the disciples, the story itself was a challenge – they were constantly facing teachings and experiences with Jesus that completely contradicted all of their expectations in a man and in the Messiah. His presence alone was enough to demand conversion and adherence. There was no neutral ground. We, on the other hand, have heard the story so many times that we get used to it. It seems normal that Jesus was God and man and did incredible things, including dying for us and rising from the dead. Why shouldn’t it be? We’ve heard it over and over since before we can remember. Since the story itself doesn’t challenge us the same way it did the first Christians, it is very important to remember the message as well. I think Fr. Barron did an excellent job with this. He has taken the story we all know and penetrated it more deeply, by focusing not only on the content, but on its significance. The Catholicism DVD series is something I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to either learn more about their faith, or just refresh their awe, admiration and gratitude toward the things they already know…

Thank you, Word on Fire and Fr. Barron!

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