Catholic Categories Game

Have you ever played “Scattergories”? This works the same way, but has lists of Catholic categories. It’s not only something both fun and faith-centered, but is also a great way for your kids to brush up on what they know about these categories and learn new things as well.



Catholic Categories currently includes two category lists. Print out enough copies for each player to have a copy. Then print out a copy of the paper titled “Rounds” for each player, and start. Pick a letter to start with, set a timer, and begin trying to find a word for each category that begins with that letter. If you can’t think of a word beginning with that letter, it’s better to put down a word that fits the category but begins with a different letter, than to leave it blank. Pencils go down when the timer stops! You can just play for fun, or use this scoring system:

  • Blank – 0 points
  • Word fits the category but starts with the wrong letter: .5 points
  • Word fits the category and starts with the right letter: 1 point
  • If two or more people wrote the same entry for a category, the entries cancel each other out, and none of them get a point.

If you think you might use this game more than once, you might want to laminate the category cards so they last longer.

Have fun!

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