Imagine Your Life When You Trust in the Higher Self

our world is changing in not-so-comfort ways, and we are mostly oblivious to the changes. We basically have the ability to program our minds to ignore external stimuli and live our lives on auto-pilot. Most people have a wretched tolerance for reality and view it through a morale/escapism measure. We basically escape to Kingdoms’ realm … Read more

Negative Thoughts Impact Your Health

Are you going through life with negative thoughts and having problems? Then you are on the wrong road and should turn around! Some people think negative thoughts are normal. They think if they don’t have negative thoughts they will be happy. However, when negative thoughts occur in our minds, they can go through our whole … Read more

Why Spirituality Cannot Help You Overcome Your Ego Issues

Many people complain that they cannot get along with someone or their family members or friends constantly attack them. We often try to reason with them or extort some explanation about why they should love our friend or relative more than they should. It is always a bit of a put-down on them by us, … Read more

The Rejection of Truth

What appears real is only real because we have created it. Truth is the opposite of what we believe to be true. Paul referred to it as unreal. In his letter to the Corinthians he states, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works” (2Corinthians 2:10). He was referring to the … Read more

The Power of Words in Prayers & Mantras

To get anything into your life, you have to speak it into existence. Whether you speak it into existence or it speaks out of nowhere into your life, that really matters. When you pray or mantra, you using words that leave the saints to ponder why you are so specific in what you want to … Read more

Sanctity for the Average Catholic: Keeping it Real

I think most, if not all, Catholics like the idea of becoming a saint. Not because everyone wants official recognition but because the bottom line is: saints are in heaven and that’s where we want to be. In this way, the saints become a beacon of hope, a confirmation that the daily struggle is worth plowing through, … Read more

What’s Up with Pope Francis and the Question of Women Deacons?

I’ve gotten into this conversation numerous times in the last few weeks, so I figured it would be worth a post. Many people have heard rumors regarding Pope Francis and the possibility of women deacons. Murmurs about what the pope does or doesn’t mean began in May when a group of nuns first broached the topic of … Read more