Catechism 101 – Lesson 7: Scripture – Inspiration

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Image Reading Material: Catechism of the Catholic Church 101-108

Objective: Students will understand the inspired nature of Scripture and the process of inspiration.

Main Ideas:

  1.  Jesus is THE Word of God. All of Scripture, also called the Word of God, is oriented toward Jesus.
  2. Scripture is not a human work, but a divine work, both true and inspired.
  3. All human authors of books in Scripture were inspired by the Holy Spirit. God is the true author of Sacred Scripture.
  4. The Word of God is living and active; we must continually, with the help of the Holy Spirit, open our minds to understand Scripture.

Learning Activities:

Ages 6-8

Focus: An introduction to God speaking to our hearts: inspiration and conscience.

Discussion: God speaks to us through a little voice in our hearts. He tells us about what is right and wrong (our conscience). He also sometimes tells us to do something for others (maybe doing something extra to help your mom or sibling, for example). God usually talks to us about our own life and actions. Many, many years ago, different people heard God’s voice in their heart revealing things about himself and inspiring them to write down certain things he wanted to make sure we know about him. We are able to read the Bible today because these people said YES to God’s voice in their heart. It is very important for us also to say yes to God’s voice in our hearts.

Activity #1 : Read a Bible story together. Discuss why God might have inspired someone to write it.

Activity #2: If your child is going to be going to confession and receiving first Holy Communion soon, you can talk more about how God talks through our conscience and memorize the Act of Contrition.

Activity #3: At the end of the day, write, or talk about the things God told you in your heart that day.

Ages 9-11

Focus: The inspired nature of Sacred Scripture

Activity: Read each of the texts in the left column of this worksheet. In the right column, write what the passage tells us about Biblical Inspiration.

Worksheet 9-11

Ages 11-13

Focus: The relationship between God (the divine author and principal cause) and the writer (human author, instrumental cause) in the process of inspiration

Activity 1: Read this explanation of Scripture and Inerrancy and answer the questions at the bottom.

Activity 2: Make a chart or diagram indicating the respective roles of God and the writer in the process of inspiration.

Activity 3: Choose a book of the Bible. Then discuss, or write about the following questions:

  1. Why do you think God inspired this book to be written down?
  2. What does this book teach us about God? About ourselves?

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