Catechism 101 – Lesson 5: Revelation in Jesus

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Reading Material: Catechism of the Catholic Church 65-67; 73

Objective: Students will understand the significance of God’s revelation of himself through Jesus.

Main Ideas:

  1. Jesus is the Word of God. He is the perfect and final revelation.
  2. Christianity is the new and eternal covenant. There will be no further public revelation until Jesus returns.
  3. Even though Revelation is complete, we don’t fully understand it, but have been coming to gasp it more and more over time.
  4. Private revelations, approved by the Church, help us, but do not change or add to the fullness of Revelation in Christ, and are not part of the dogma of faith.

Learning Activities:

Ages 6-8


Remind your child(ren) of how, in the lesson 4 discussion, he/she learned that God tells us about himself through the “grandparents” of the Church, like Abraham. Explain to them that God tells us even more about himself through his Son, Jesus. They can learn about Jesus through stories and songs, the way they learned about Abraham, but there’s something more special about Jesus. He can STILL talk to us in our hearts, and we can talk to him. When you feel happy, listen to your heart, and thank Jesus for whatever he is giving you. When you feel scared, talk to Jesus and ask him to help you.

Activity: At the end of the day, talk about some things Jesus told you in your heart that day, and some things you told or asked Jesus about.

 Ages 9-11

Discussion: Why do you think we call Jesus the WORD of God?

Activity #1: Read a parable or miracle from one of the Gospels. Then discuss, or write about how God revealed himself to us through Jesus in that passage.

Ages 11-13

Activity #1: Read this Catholic Culture article that discusses Biblical “typology”, or the study of people or things in the Old Covenants that foreshadowed and prepared for the New Covenant in Jesus. The article gives you a few examples of “types” from the Old Testament that foreshadowed something in the New Covenant. After reading the article, review the Old Testament Covenants you studied in Catechism 101 Lesson 4, and see if you can identify any other “types”. Complete the attached worksheet, describing each “type” and what you think it foreshadowed in the New Covenant.

Worksheet, 11-13

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