Catechism 101 – Lesson 4: Revelation and Its Stages (CCC 51-64)

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Reading Material: Catechism of the Catholic Church 51-64

Objective: Students will understand that God freely choose to reveal himself to us out of love for us, and will be introduced to some essential ways God has revealed himself to us throughout salvation history.

Main Ideas:

  1. God chose to reveal himself to us so we could know, love and serve him, and share in his divine nature through the Trinity.
  2. God revealed himself to us gradually, through different stages. He made himself known to man when he created him. After the fall, he did not give up on us, but promised to save us and continued revealing himself to us throughout salvation history. God sometimes revealed himself to us through specific people, like Abraham.

Learning Activities:

Ages 6-8


Talk to your child about how God talks to us through older people that have gone before us. For example, we learn from our parents and our grandparents. Our parents learned from their parents and their grandparents. The same is true with God. He taught us about himself through people who went before us. Our grandfathers in the faith were people like Noah, Abraham and Moses.

Activity 1: Thank your parents or grandparents for something they’ve taught you.

Activity 2: Learn the “Father Abraham” song.  

Ages 9-11

Activity #1: Cut out these events from salvation history and list them in the correct order.

Worksheet - 9-11

Activity #2: Pick one or two key figures from the Old Testament. Suggestions: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David. Read their story and discuss, or write about the following: What did God reveal to us about himself through __________________ (the figure of your choice)

Ages 11-13

Activity #1: Research Project – Revelation through the Covenants. Do a little research about the Old Testament Covenants (note: there are many covenants in the Old Testament, but the four main ones were with Noah, Abraham, Moses and David). Then write a 3-5 paragraph essay responding to the guiding questions below. Here are some sources you can refer to, as well as finding some of your own.

Guiding Questions:

What is a covenant? What were the four main Old Testament Covenants and who were they made with? Compare and contrast God’s revelation through each of the Covenants. Was anything the same in all the Covenants? Was anything different? How did the Covenants prepare mankind for the coming of Jesus?

Activity 2: Pick one of the key figures of the Old Testament. Learn about that figure. Focus on the concept of revelation and how God revealed himself more to man through the figure you chose. Prepare a lesson to teach what you’ve learned to a younger brother/sister (e.g. you might come up with a craft idea, a game, a skit, etc.).

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