Catechism 101 – Lesson 10: Obedience in Faith

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Reading Material: Catechism of the Catholic Church 144-149

Objective: Students will understand the importance of believing even when they don’t see or understand.

Main Ideas:

  1. We obey out of faith, even when we don’t have the big picture, because we trust in God, who is Truth itself.
  2. Abraham gives an example of this faith by obeying God even when he didn’t know where he was being led or what would happen.
  3. Mary gives us the most perfect example of obedience in faith.

Learning Activities:

Ages 6-8

Focus: The importance of trusting those that know more than us.

Activity: Discussion. Talk to your child about the role of their parents in their life. Why do they obey their parents? Do they always understand why their parents tell them to do some things and not others? Even when the child doesn’t understand why the parents are asking them to do something, they need to obey their parents because their parents 1) love them and 2) know what is best for more than they do. Little children don’t always understand why they have to eat their vegetables, but their parents know why it’s important. Toddlers don’t understand why it’s not safe to touch electrical sockets, but their parents know why it’s dangerous. Ask your child to give examples of things they do to obey their parents even though they don’t understand why. Then explain that it’s the same with God. He is our Father. He loves us and he knows better than we do what is best for us. That’s why we also obey God even when we don’t understand where he is leading us or why he is telling us to do something.

Ages 9-11

Focus: Mary and Abraham as examples of obedience in faith

Activity: Read, watch, or listen to the stories of Abraham and Mary (the story of Abraham in the Bible is long, so watching a video or reading a children’s summary might help). Then complete the following Venn diagram showing similarities and differences between Abraham and Mary, and how they responded to God.

Venn Diagram
Ages 11-13

Focus: Finding examples of obedience in faith

Activity 1: Pick one of the Gospels. Read several sections (at least 2-3 Chapters). Then complete the following worksheet to identify examples of obedience in faith.

Obedience in Faith in the Bible
Activity 2: Can you come up with more role models that set an example of obeying in faith? You might think about people in your own life that you actually know, or about lives of the Saints for ideas. Be specific – once you have chosen an example, specify how that person is an example of obedience in faith with stories from their life.

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