Best of Buddies

When my husband and I began announcing, just three months after the arrival of our son Charbel, that we were expecting our second child, our family and some close friends were very supportive and excited. Many other people expressed their sympathies, and were surprised to find out that we were HAPPY to be having two children so close together. A few months into the pregnancy, we found out that it was another boy – little Paul was on the way!

I understand why some people were surprised that we would have two children right in a row, or thought we would be overwhelmed. With our two boys only a year and three weeks apart, we have definitely been kept very busy. We were still just learning how to be parents with our one year old, when we suddenly started having two diapers to change, two bottles to make, two baths to give. Loving and taking care of two babies takes more time, more patience, and more effort.  But we have also found it so much more fulfilling as well. Our two little boys are the two greatest blessings the Lord has given us.

From the day we brought Paul home from the hospital and first showed him to Charbel, the two have been inseparable. It’s amazing the way they have been magnetically attracted to each other. You can definitely tell they’re brothers – in addition to physical resemblance, both of them are chubby, happy, cuddly and silly. They love the world and naturally assume that it loves them back – so sweet to see…  Of course they have their differences too… Paul is the quiet one – he is pretty content just watching Charbel all day. I have a feeling that he’s going to be dozing off on the living room couch more often than Charbel as they grow up! Charbel, on the other hand, seems to have inherited all surplus energy left over from the big bang. He has been a bundle of nonstop activity since he was in the womb! They are a perfect combination, for each other and for our family. My husband and I never get tired of watching them, cuddling and playing with them, and thanking God for giving them to us! I can’t wait to keep watching them grow up together – best of brothers and best of buddies! Their first months have already brought them so close!

By the way – for any parents debating whether or not to have children close together because of the work it takes – go for it! The craziness of the first months will go away, but the priceless bond will stay forever. Already, at the age of seven months and one year and seven months, our boys play together, stay together and look after each other. No friend could possibly fill the place they have in their hearts for each other…

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  1. Ellen,
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!!!! Through out your many postings, both by you and your husband, y’all have opened the door to the heart of y’alls family and even though I have not yet had the priveliage of meeting your husband and y’alls sons, I feel as if I know all of them and love all of y’all deeply!!!!! Thank you, to the both of you, for sharing your love, your family, and your faith, with all of us, both near and far away!!!!!! Our love and our Faith TRULY had NO boundires!!!! Please keep on sending out your posts and pictures as I love reading and learning more about your family, which hopefully I will meet some day!!!!

    And by the way, I am 1 year and 2 weeks older than my second sibling, my brother Dominic, ( who will be deploying for the 2nd time so please keep him in y’alls prayers) and I loved growing up and being so very close to him!!! Not only in age but in friendship!!! We always played together, watched out for each other and although we might have fought and bickered to the point where my dear parents wanted to bang our heads together during our teenage years, ;) , we were and still continue to this day to be the BEST OF FRIENDS!!!!! I know that one day your sons will too appreciate being born so close!!!!

    Know that Gabe and I pray for y’all daily!!! I love and miss you!!!

    • Hey, Marie! So glad to somehow stay close to you, even if it’s through FB and blogs, while we’re living so far… Really hoping you get to meet my family one day – would so love to see you again! I agree – limitless love and faith – that’s what’s most important, and can get us through anything… Haha… I’m sure the bickering will start as soon as Paul can talk/walk! Praying for you lots, and hugs to you and Gabe!

  2. What a lovely posting about your adorable boys and words of encouragement for those who may expecting with children being close together.Great pictures.Enjoyed the posting.Blessings to your family.

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