Beginning the Journey into Spirit Possession

We are all familiar with certain entities that help us move through our days but can you imagine what their lives must be like? Have you ever encountered sadness? Bliss? Love?

Most of us have! In your search for the ancient secrets of spirit possession, we will not discount the possibility that there are entities that you are entirely unfamiliar with.

We will approach this subject from a different standpoint and attempt to explain, in a neutral way, some of the background events that may have contributed to a personal history of spirit possession.

Spirits are understood to be eternal, omnipotent, all-knowing, motiveless, and no subject to our human experiences.

Where Did Spirit Possession Originate From

They exist in the invisible realm and are as real to the soul as other physical sensations. Because spirits are eternal and omnipotent, they are not bound by our perceptions of time and space.

It is usually our fears, lack of trust, misconception, etc., that tie us into believing that they are only an inanimate objects.

Feinstein termed spirits as “overcomers,” which can transcend the barrier between the animate and inanimate worlds.

Because they are in the eternal, infinite universe, they are not bound by the same time and space constraints as humans.

The spirit cannot be predicted or precisely described because it surpasses the rules of time and space. The spirit is the lifeforce of the soul.

How To Attract Good Spirits

Everyone has a combination of good and bad spirits, the difference being, the “bad” ones are spent on earth, and the “good” ones are allowed to rejoin the other side.

This is why a person may have pleasant experiences while on a trip, but horrible things happen while he is home.

The “good” spirits are those spirits that are allowed to join the human race and the soul’s essence.

The “bad” spirits are those spirits that follow the other path.

They try to prevent this separation since they know that it is hazardous for the soul to rejoin the other side without blessing the good spirits.

Good spirits are time-bound or time confined beings. They are here to guide the human soul to the next dimension.

The soul must be in alignment with the angels’ vision and stay in line with their plans.

The soul’s direction is fundamental since the soul carries the plan of the universe in its heart.

Separation Of Soul And Spirit

The separation of the soul has a very great purpose. It is to test the soul’s mettle and the strength of its ability to maintain its integrity.

Its own products revile the soul because it strays from the path established by the angels. It knows what rights and wrongs are.

The soul seeks the association of the physical self with the spiritual self.

The path established by the spiritual assists the soul in establishing a clean operating environment.

This requirement introduces much difficulty because the soul is not prepared for the consequences of its decisions. The consequences of the wrong-rees are extremely severe.

To prevent the soul from making false decisions, conditions it is forced to adapt to its environment.

Adapt to our environment; be in our environment; be in our environment; and not be in our environment. In short, they become like us.

In other words, imitate the behavior we share with our fellow man.

The Spirit Of God Is Roaming The Earth In Seek Of Souls Who Love Him

The soul fears the other. The soul does not know what the other is capable of doing. The soul fears the other as it does not understand the influence the other has.

The soul seeks the other’s help. The soul realizes that its ability to follow the actions of the other is limited.

The soul fears the “what if scenarios” that come with the other persons’ decisions.

It seeks others warily to avoid any conflicts of interest that may arise between itself and its peers.

It needs to maintain its ability to be in the flow of the situation. Other similarly minded souls need to maintain a relationship with their environment or a community.

Thus they adjust their behaviors to be in tune with the prevailing environment. Adapt to what is in the environment.

As the soul grows in understanding, its perception of the environment changes. Its understanding of the future events it encounters in its journey changes the way it behaves.

Once encountered, the other may be compared to a “perceptual mirror” that reflects the other in the same manner that the sun’s rays appear different in different perspectives.

This “what if” scenario is why the soul seeks love in its relationships. For, the other could well decide that their interpretation of the situation is the right one.

Thus, the soul’s decisions may bear little fruit. Both souls will likely come to agree that the other is correct.

Or the other may decide that their interpretation is the right one, and the other may return to hate.

These outcomes show that the other has agreed to a “perceptual agreement” rather than boundaries based on trust.