Welcome to Eyes On Heaven, the place where everything I love – family, faith and education – comes  together!

I’m Ellen – wife, mother, educator, blogger. Catholic in all I do.

I work full time as head of curriculum development at Mar Qardakh School in Northern Iraq. This blog is the way I relax (if you can call it that!) in the evenings. I have a licentiate in education and development, another in religious sciences, and the heart of a mom. I combine these three things in what I write about.

What you will find:

  • Faith, family and parenting topics and words of encouragement
  • Resources! I’m generating lots of resources for my own kids, faith-based and otherwise, so I thought I’d share them!
  • Catechism 101 Lesson Plans. This is a fairly recent project I’ve started – free lesson plans with differentiated resources/materials for different age-groups directly following the structure of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

I can’t end without a few words about our family – God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, and the best two sons a mother could ask for!


Eddy and I met in Lebanon, where he was working as a cinematographer (my appreciation of movies and films has greatly increased since knowing him!). Eddy now works at the same school I do as Head of the Media Department. He also dedicates as much time as possible doing design work online, for fun, as a side business, and to help charitable organizations. Learn more about him at his design site, his personal blog, and his Facebook Page.

Our two sons, Charbel and Paul, are just 13 months apart. They work full time on learning about life. They love to play, laugh, eat, and explore the world!

For now, that’s our family. We hope to keep growing in the coming years!