A Mother’s Burnt Offering

My Burnt Offering...

Just a word of encouragement for other mothers. I’ve seen several comments online from mothers talking about how difficult it can be to arrange mealtimes, when you have several kids in the house, a husband off at work and, in some cases, a full-time or part-time job yourself. Meals pose an even greater challenge for moms that don’t like cooking or don’t know how to cook.

Don’t worry, mothers – even your worst meal can be a pleasing offering.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the expectations we set for ourselves as mothers that we forget why we are doing it all – at least, I know I do. As mothers, we are the first reflection of God’s love to our kids. Everything we do gives our kids a little glimpse of the way God loves them, and is one way that we can thank God for all the ways we have experienced his love and care in our own lives.

Every meal we give our kids, whether organic or processed, gourmet or miserably plain, and home cooked or purchased/ordered/eaten out, is still an offering out of love. In the worst case scenario, it’s a burnt offering – still acceptable!

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