8 Activities for the Feast of the Annunciation

The feast of the Annunciation is coming up! Don’t miss this opportunity to teach your kids more about their faith!


1. Say the Angelus as a family.

2. Put on a scripture based play of the Annunciation (you could also include the Visitation if you want more kids involved as characters).

3. Plan a special Christmas activity in advance. Mary spent the nine months after the Annunciation waiting for Jesus with joyful expectation. Choose a special Christmas activity you will do on or shortly after Christmas that your family can look forward to (and maybe prepare for in some way) over the months between the Annunciation and Christmas. Extension: What are some ways Mary prepared for the coming of Jesus? What are some ways you prepare for the coming of Jesus?

4. Read Luke 1. Compare and contrast the annunciation of John the Baptist’s conception and Jesus’ conception. What similarities do you see in the two stories? What differences do you see? What can you learn from each of them?

5. Give your kids a writing assignment, or have a family discussion about the following topic. What is something God is asking of you in your life? How can you say yes to him?

6. Make a Holy Card of the Annunciation. Draw or cut and paste an image of the Annunciation on one side. Put a text on the other side (examples: the Angelus, a scripture quote about the Annunciation, or a prayer/reflection you write about the Annunciation).

7. Learn about the Archangel Gabriel.

8. Color! Here are links to free Annunciation coloring pages.

Wishing you all a blessed Feast of the Annunciation!

Are you a wife or mother? Read this reflection about Mary in honor of the Annunciation!

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