6 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Quality Time Blogographic

When we think of spending quality time with our kids, we often think of doing something extra, like a family outing, or vacation. While these special family experiences are wonderful, there are many other ways to spend quality time with your kids when you don’t have the time or money to plan something extra.

1. Exercise together. Even a 10 minute walk or run in the morning or afternoon is enough to connect with each other. Exercise usually helps relax both your mind and body, which makes an easy atmosphere for having quality conversations.

2. Help your child with their studies. Whether your child goes to school or you homeschool them at home, spend one-on-one time helping them with their studies. The purpose of this isn’t just to give them a boost, but to show your interest in what they are doing and get to know them better through their ideas and interests.

3. Take your child to work with you. Even if you’re a full time stay at home mom, if you have a job from home (blogging, tutoring, etc.), volunteer for something or participate in a ministry, invite your child along once in a while, not just to sit on the side and occupy themselves while you work, but to actively participate and help you. Sharing your interests and priorities with your child is both a way of spending time with them and helping them learn more about your life. It can also indicate to your child that they are just as important as your work and don’t need to compete for your attention.

4. Cook or bake something with your child. Let them choose what you cook. Like exercising, this activity provides a fun, relaxing atmosphere without requiring 100% of your focus, therefore allowing you and your child to communicate meaningfully together.

5. Take your child on errands with you. Turn it into a mother-child “date” – they’ll enjoy helping you pick things out at the store, and you’ll have time to talk, laugh and just be together. If you have time, you could even take them out for a treat at the same time.

6. Clean your child’s room with them. Turn on music in the background, or turn it into a game to make it more fun for both of you. By doing this, you are helping them form good habits (as long as they’re actively involved and don’t just rely on your regularly to do their chores for them) and, if they finish more quickly because you’re helping them, it leaves the two of you a little more time to do something else!

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