12 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

Good Day

Everyone has their share of bad days and, unfortunately, sometimes someone’s bad mood rubs off on others and you end up having a bad day as a family.Ever had this happen? When you and your kids seem to be all out of sorts together, don’t let the day just run its course. There are many ways you can turn a bad day around.

1. Go outside. Fresh air does people good. It can also work WONDERS for cranky kids. Go for a walk to a neighborhood playground or park, or even just around the block.

2. Let your kids pick what you do for 1 hour (maybe even longer!). Set “priorities” aside and just spend time doing something all of you enjoy.

3. Make a special snack. You could even make kid friendly shapes with the snack to surprise your kiddos.

4. Have 30 min of Mommy time/quiet time for the kids. Send your kids to their respective rooms for that time. It’s not a punishment – just time for everyone to regroup. Then do something fun together before going back to your normal routine!

5. Turn music on in the background to pep things up a bit. This can make chore time or play time a lot more fun. Even if its study time, a little classical music in the background can help lift everyone’s spirits.

6. Prepare a surprise for your spouse together with your kids. Planning to make someone happy usually makes us happy too! You could also think of someone else that might be going through a hard time, and do something nice for them.

7. If your kids are little, have a family hug. You’d be surprised at how much better this can make all of you feel!

8. Completely change your plans. This could just be doing some things in the reverse order (like eating dessert before dinner or having a little play time before studying!), or actually changing what you do.

9. Stop and pray. We can do much more with God than we can on our own.

10. Turn off your computer. If you’re having a bad day because your family is too “distracting” and you’re not getting everything done that you want to, change your priorities. Turn your computer off and postpone what you were going to do until the following day. Use the rest of the day just to BE there for your family. This will make them happier, and you more relaxed.

11. Eat outside instead of inside, or in the living room instead of the kitchen. Have a fancy meal instead of a plain one (even if it’s just some special decorations on the table), or have finger foods instead of using silverware! Whatever would be fun and special for you and your kids!

12. Watch a comedy or do something else that will really make all of you laugh!

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