12 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Halloween Costumes for Kids
And I don’t mean costumes you can make at home if you’re an incredibly talented, artistic DIYer. I mean costumes you can make at home even if you’re like me (NOT the most artistically talented). These DIY Halloween costumes are easy (they don’t take a lot of time), frugal (you probably already have all the supplies you need) and recognizable (i.e. they will actually end up looking like what they’re supposed to be).

1. A pumpkin. Sure – you can buy plush orange and brown/green material, do some complicated sewing and stuff it with cotton and make a pretty fancy pumpkin. OR, you can do it the simple way: get an orange trash bag! Cut a hole in bottom for the head. Take black permanent marker and color in a friendly pumpkin face or jack-o-lantern looking face on the front of the bag. Put it over your child and tape the bottom closed, leaving room around your child’s legs, of course. Then stuff it with paper balls made out of newspaper (you can slip these in through the top hole) until the costume poofs out like a pumpkin, and voila! You have a cute little pumpkin.

2. A gift. Your child can dress up like a gift by cutting leg/arm/head holes in a box covered in wrapping paper, maybe even with a bow!

3. Vehicles. Your child could also become a car, bus or plane using a similar technique and decorating the outside of a box to look like a vehicle. This would be a little more complicated because you would need to add cut-out wheels, and possibly change the shape of the front of the box by adding an extension to look like the front of the car (or whatever vehicle you choose). You could change the color of the box by painting it or covering it with colored paper. If you have more than one child around the same age, you could turn this idea into a group costume by making a full train, with each child as a different train car, and one in front as a caboose – all connected together.

4. A ghost. Drape a white sheet (that you don’t care about, because you won’t be able to use it as a sheet again) over your child. Cut out holes for their eyes, nose and mouth. If the sheet is too long, cut it at the bottom so your child doesn’t trip on it.

5. A mummy. Wrap your child completely in toilet paper, leaving space, of course, around their eyes, nose and mouth.

6. A ladybug. Add black dots to a red sweater (a shirt or jumper would also work) to make a ladybug costume. Pair it with black pants or leggings and, if you want to go further, get a black headband and attach pipe cleaners for antennae.

7. A bumble bee. Add black stripes to a yellow sweater, or yellow stripes to a black sweater and you have a bumble bee. Pair with black pants/leggings and a black headband with pipe cleaner antennae. Use a safety pin to affix paper wings to the back of the sweater.

8. A frog. Put on a green sweater and green pants. You can add “frog eyes” using ping-pong balls or white paper circles, and add a wide mouth (you can even get creative and have a fly on the tongue!) using construction paper.

9. Dominoes or playing cards. Find a box that’s longer than it is wide, and fairly shallow. Your child can wear it lengthwise, with the length of the box corresponding to your child’s height. Decorate the front of the box either with dot combinations for a domino, or as a playing card.

10. Dice. This is another simple box costume. Just put the different number combinations on each side of the box!

11. A Rubix cube. The box again! This time, use paint or permanent markers to draw a grid (3×3) on each side of the box. Draw the outside of each square of the grid using thick black lines. Then, color all the squares a different color on each side of the box. The typical colors would be green, blue, yellow, red, orange, white.

12. Tomato – same ideas as the pumpkin (#1), but use a red trash bag, and either draw the top stem on with green marker, or add a little green paper to the top.

Do you have any other TRULY quick and easy costumes someone can throw together at the last minute, even if they aren’t artistic and don’t have a ton of supplies? Share in the comments!

If you still feel uninspired, just don’t have the time to make your child’s costume, or want something more detailed, check out the Amazon Halloween Store! They have a wide variety of costumes for the whole family (not to mention some really good Halloween candy sales!)

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