Demonic Powers in the Modern World

People always needed a way to protect themselves from evil forces, whether they were real or imagined. The occult is just one of many ways that people have used for this purpose throughout history. In fact, it was common practice among some cultures even before Christianity came into existence. It has been practiced by all … Read more

Dreams, Occultism and Magick

What Are Some Types of Initiation Dreams? The most common type of initiation dream is the one in which you are initiated into a secret society or cult. This can be an actual experience, as when someone takes you to meet with their group’s leader; it could also be something that happens on television. In … Read more

Is There Proof of Life After Death

The near-death experience (NDE) is an anomaly that defies the scientific logic of our modern world. Therefore, skepticism is often met because it makes a case for immortality that cannot be explained away. This is understandable to me, since before my experience, as an atheist, I would also have been very skeptical of the NDE. … Read more

Inner Unity, Inner Strength

The human spirit begins as a plan in mind, a dream. As we work upon awakening our spirit to the purpose for which it was created, the imagination softens the human self’s previously rigid expression. The inward journey achieving unity with human consciousness is a path broken open to public awareness. Possibly the greatest contribution … Read more

Why Are You Still Affected by Your Old Emotions?

…if the addiction is gone or control has been lifted. If you have struggled with the same emotions, or even experienced a shift in your emotions, then it’s time to turn your life around and become the person God meant you to be. Here are 5 reasons why you should be able to move on … Read more

Exploiting Your Faith

Romancing your faith is easy. There is a reason for this. It has everything to do with your past actions in this physical world, and the natural laws of this place return in a way that you will be able to understand. This also has a huge effect on your future and the goals you … Read more

Why God Allowed Religions and False Gods to Fool the World

We don’t need a God at our point in human civilization because we have discovered our own limitations. We are perfectly capable of creating our own religions if we so choose. Religions are the creations of man. They are the false gods that defend and protect humans from their real selves. Those who have a … Read more

What is Spirituality – Why Do We Need It?

to religion, especially the eastern religions. Spirituality is not religious in the sense that we wear a uniform and follow a set of rules. Rather it is spiritual in the sense that it is free from fixed beliefs and principles. Spirituality is the essence of life without the confines of formal religion. Spirituality is not akin … Read more

Beginning the Journey into Spirit Possession

We are all familiar with certain entities that help us move through our days but can you imagine what their lives must be like? Have you ever encountered sadness? Bliss? Love? Most of us have! In your search for the ancient secrets of spirit possession, we will not discount the possibility that there are entities … Read more

The Deepest Resentments Can’t Be Put on the List of Sins

We know who these sins are by the fruit which we bear. We know them by the good works in our lives, but we often miss the target because of their deep-seated anger and vanity. We have sinned against our Lord most grievously, thinking we could get away with his absence; he abandoned us to … Read more